We are a small family farm but we have big ambitions to help drive the food revolution by reconnecting children with the natural world and food production. 

Open Farm Sunday - Hundred River Farm

Our Beginning

This small farm has been managed by our family since the 60’s so we've experienced its natural beauty and rich wildlife first hand. We believe it provides endless opportunities for learning and is a great tool in helping reconnect children with the natural world. Originally a dairy farm, we now run a summer maize maze and invite local families, schools and volunteers to join us in exploring the countryside.


“Our countryside is in big trouble. We need to rewrite our children’s relationships with food and help them take an active role in protecting and supporting wildlife.”

— Jackie donovan, FOUNDER (2nd generation)


Jackie grew up on the farm and has a background in early years and outdoor play based learning. She has always enjoyed children’s natural sense of wonder and fascination in their surroundings, and encourages adults to get involved too. With the support of her children she has fulfilled her childhood dream of starting a project that makes the most of the rich learning opportunities and biodiversity found on the farm.

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Our Mission

There is widespread awareness of the environmental damage that can be caused by the wrong type of farming. We need to equip future generations with a better understanding of the consequences of our food choices on the environment.



of the UK’s land mass is countryside


average parents daily screen time


of native species are in decline


Almost everyone would benefit from spending more time outdoors, which is why we believe that being immersed on a farm is a great way to learn new skills increase your quality of life. Whether in a family or as a larger group our activities can be tailored to different abilities, learning outcomes and the seasonal changes on the farm.

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Hundred River Farm Pig Feeding

Get Involved

If you live nearby there are plenty of ways that you can get involved. If you have time, skills or an idea to share we are always happy to hear from potential volunteers or collaborators.

To enquire about booking a party, group or school visit please contact us at hundredriverfarm@gmail.com.

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