Visits can be tailored to your desired theme and shaped around the seasonal changes on the farm.



Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays


9:15 - 12:00 or 14:00


from £6.50 per student


We accommodate one-off days or blocks of sessions thats can be tailored to your desired theme and outcomes.

Visits include animal encounters, crafts and activities shaped around the seasonal changes on the farm.


Habitats - Identifying common wild and garden plants, flowers and trees

Wildlife - Learning about local animals in their habitats and how to care for them

Walks - Enjoying fresh air while exploring the nature and habitats found around the farm

Science - Experiments on the farm to learn about the importance of soil, pollinators and life-cycles

Food - Understanding where our food comes from and how to grow your own

All of our young people had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being outside, engaging with the animals and having new learning opportunities. I was especially pleased with the manner of Jackie the farmer and the way that she knew just as well as I, how to manage the young people and ensure that they were all able to access the activities in their own way.
— local Year 7 Teacher

What to expect:


The process

If you’re interested in bringing a group please get in contact via

Teachers are invited to conduct a pre-visit and discuss preferred activities and outcomes. We will then create a tailored session or project plan with in-school prep and follow-up add ons available.



Our sessions can be tailored to suit any age group and aim to involve children and young people in the daily and seasonal changes of the countryside.

Our activities fall into the themes of habitat development, wildlife study, team-building, farm science, tours, gardening and environmental topics. For example: animal feeding, bug hunting, arts & crafts, pond dipping, bush craft, tree planting etc.



Whilst sessions are tailored to your desired learning outcomes, we aim to embrace younger children’s fascination with the natural world through exploring and creativity.

We hope this can help:

  • Increase physical activity and combat the long-term negative impact of childhood obesity and attention disorders.

  • Enable healthier lifestyle choices and increases awareness of the environmental implications of our diet.

  • Encourage social interactions and develop characteristics such as empathy, trust and resilience.