Hereford Beef

laxfield vernon hundred river farm beefOur Hereford cattle enjoy an outdoor life quietly grazing the Hundred River herb rich meadows and clover pastures on the farm.

This natural way of maturing the animals produces traditional full flavoured delicious beef.

The beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days, producing more flavoursome and tender cuts of meat.

Scrumptious rib on the bone, rib eye, fillet, sirloin and rump steaks.  Superb tasting joints of sirloin, topside, silverside, best rib and brisket.

Enjoy wonderful flavoured stews and casseroles with our shin, braising or stewing steak.  BBQ specialities; beef burgers, beef and horseradish burgers and sausages, beef and chilli burgers and sausages and gluten free sausages.

Our range of beef cuts can be purchased from Beccles Farmers market on the 1st and 3rd saturday of every month, preorders welcome.   Our tasty burgers and sausages are also served at the Farmers market cafe.